Wedding Make-up

Bridal Make-up

Even though wedding make-up is usually very simple and neutral, it’s one of the hardest make-up looks to create, since it has to be PERFECT!

So, after planning what dress to wear, how your hair will be styled, who to invite!?! Now is time to have a make-up trial and see what the best look for you is, to help bring out all those beautiful facial features.

Bridal Make-up trial £30.00

Bridal make-up – £50.00

Day Make-up

Daytime make-up looks are generally subtler then evening or night-time looks. The sun or natural light of the day will make heavy make-up stand out a lot more.

The purpose of daytime make-up is often to highlight natural features, conceal flaws and promote a fresh, awake appearance.

Day make-up £50.00

Evening make-up

Evening make-up usually differs from daytime make-up in debth and colour. While too many dark colours can be harsh for the day, they can be great for the night-time. If you are not keen on a heavy eye make-up, why not try and have fun with a dark colour instead?

Evening make-up £50.00