Don’t embark on a DIY wedding without arming yourselves with a few key pointers:

1 Enlist helpers!

Many hands make light work. Whilst YoghurtRooms staff will be happy to answer your questions and assist wherever possible, we strongly recommend that you make sure you have lots of friends and family lined up to help you!

Decorating the venue, transporting things to and fro, and putting together all the other special elements that will make your day one to remember always takes a little more time than you think!

2 Get inspired!

Create your completely and utterly perfect day. Our venue is yours to conjure with, so let your imagination run wild and create the day of your dreams!

Why not combine elements of your favourite music festival or holiday or childhood memory? With light and food and music and decoration and limitless imagination, you can dream up whatever you wish and make it a sparkly and unforgettable reality!

There are so many things you can do with our multipurpose venue. From themed decoration in the barn, to beautiful lighting in the orchard, to gorgeous seating in the marquees, to hidden away treasures in the woodland, to bespoke table settings, to photo-booths and fire-pits, to lanterns and fairy lights and magical festival experiences…

See what other creative and lovely people have done with our wonderful venue!

3 Be practical!

Once you’ve let your imagination run riot and you’ve dreamt up the perfect way to spend your wedding day, it’s time to come back down to earth (at least for a little while) and open a spreadsheet!

No, you’re right, it’s not the most glamorous of suggestions, but there’s a lot to do – and a lot to get just right – so To Do lists and tick sheets and contact numbers will be your best friends for a while!

Make those lists… assign due dates… allocate people to different tasks… work out which tasks need to happen before other ones can… But always remember that with each tick in the sheet you’re a step closer to your fabulous big day.

4 The most important people

Before you go ahead and confirm your wedding date, it’s always a good idea to check that the people that mean the most to you can DEFINITELY make it.

So early on, make it a priority to get hold of your mums and dads and siblings and very best friends – the people with whom you simply must share this great day – and check with them that the date you’re thinking of works for them too.

5 DIY wedding essentials

Here’s a list of some EXCEEDINGLY HANDY essentials to have to hand when you’re dressing and decorating your wedding venue:

  • Cable ties
  • Tea lights
  • Bunting
  • String
  • Extension leads
  • Tape
  • Bin bags
  • A sack full of laughter

And last but not least, the most important element of any DIY wedding is – not to do it on your own! Always ensure you’ve got plenty of family and friends on hand to help! (see Top Tip No.1!).

So, make a note of all these DIY Wedding Essentials, reread Top Tip No.3, and add them to your sheet!

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