Information for your guests and suppliers

This is important information for all suppliers providing services to events taking place at Yoghurt Rooms. Please ensure that your suppliers are fully briefed and have read the following information in detail. We are happy to discuss any aspect of your planning to ensure the smooth running of your event.

Health and Safety

You must use your reasonable endeavours to ensure that you, your guests and service providers comply with all of our reasonable instructions intended to ensure the safety of people and property at Busses Farm.  This includes:

  • Fire Exit awareness
  • Fire/Emergency Muster Point – car park at the rear of the Barn and Granary
  • No Smoking within Barn or any Accommodation to include the Granary, Studio and Yurts
  • All Persons in attendance must remain within the specified hired areas and avoid Strictly No Access areas such as:
    • The Pond
    • All other Farm Buildings and Barns containing livestock, hay or straw
    • Farming/Agricultural Equipment

Event set up

All Service Providers must contact Busses Farm at their earliest opportunity and at the very least within 7 days of the event.  We must be informed well in advance of utility supply requirements to ensure there is compliance and compatibility of utilities.

Noise Levels and restrictions

We do not employ a sound limiter control device but to ensure that music is kept at an appropriate level a sound check must be done with a member of farm staff present to set the top levels which must then be adhered to. In event of excessive music or bass levels the sound will be shut off. Music must be switched off in the barn by 11.30pm. There is an onsite sound studio for after-hours music.

Music cut off times

Music in the barn must be shut off by 11.30 pm. We are only permitted to have music on the Saturday night. The ‘rave room’ is provided for after-hours music and does not have a shut off time.

Arriving and leaving the premises

We ask that attendees vacate Busses Farm and Harwoods Lane in a quiet and considerate manner in order to avoid disturbing the neighbourhood.

Please park in designated parking areas only and avoid parking in gateways or where large vehicle access is required.  We ask that you drive considerately and at an appropriate speed level not exceeding 15mph in Harwoods Lane. The lane is in constant use by walkers, cyclists and other traffic.

Our neighbours must be respected at all times. Please make your guests aware of the nature of the lane, to drive slowly and enter and leave quietly.


Busses Farm Washroom Facilities are not equipped to withstand flushing of any items other than toilet paper.  Please use bins for nappies and other sanitary disposal etc.


For those attendees camping at Busses Farm and wishing to have an open fire, it must be strictly understood that fires are only permitted in designated areas and must be monitored at all times and never left unattended.

Please do not use fire pits as bins or burn anything apart from wood, cardboard and firelighters. Fire pits will be provided with a sand and water bucket for safety.

Children & pets

Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. Children are not permitted at the back of the farm or near open water unattended.

Children should not be left unattended at any time.

Dogs are welcome but we require advanced notification. All animals must be supervised and kept on leads at all times.

Lost property

Any lost property if found can be collected by arrangement.

The hirer is responsible for all guests’ lost property and will be expected to collect or arrange collection on their behalf.

If postal return is required this will be charged accordingly by arrangement between Busses Farm and the owner of the lost property.


We do not permit fireworks under any circumstances. We also do not allow Chinese lanterns. Sparklers are permitted and encouraged!


You have the freedom to choose whichever supplier you like but we do need contact from them in advance and copies of their insurance, food hygiene certificate and PAT testing in advance of your booking.

We do not except responsibility for anything hired externally. You are responsible for collecting and assembling anything you have hired from a 3rd party. It is not our responsibility to do this for you, nor can we be held liable by the 3rd party.

Confetti & glitter

We only allow natural confetti e.g. petals and leaves etc. Plastic is forbidden! We only allow biodegradable glitter on the farm.


You are not permitted to put any nails/staples into the barn beams. You are welcome to bring cable ties and other fixing for your decor.


Drugs and other illegal activities are not allowed on site.

Tidying up

You are responsible for the clear up. This includes any outdoor areas. Cigarette ends and fake mustaches are also classed as litter! You are expected to gather all of your waste and leave in an appropriate area for us to process.


We are in a rural location and wifi can be temperamental. If you are relying on wifi you must let us know prior to your event.

Guest list for fire regulation

We must have an up-to-date version of your guest list just prior to your event for security and fire safety reasons.

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